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  • Elizabeth says:

    I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and will be going for my brain operation as soon as my surrogate mother is pregnant because the therapy cause that I can’t carry children.
    I stopped working, closed my boutique, I’m isolated to keep me save from COVID-19, so my hairstylist came to my house to cut my hair short and put pienk stripes in my hair. I never thought I would do this! In about 8 weeks I will shave my hair for my operation. Never fear cancer.

  • Nick Tennant says:

    Please check out this awesome video
    Father and son participating in the Shavathon, from 9500kms away – JHB South Africa and HCMC Vietnam.

    They have raised a fair amount already but still trying to get more. Hoping you and everyone involved in CANSA are having an amazing day – you do so so so much great work. All of SA Loves you!!

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      Wow Nick this is so special, I will be passing it on to our National Manager for Sustainability Maria Scholtz. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing gesture of support! Please let us know the donation link for the project so we can advertise on Facebook.

  • Willem Smit says:

    I like to share messages with cancer survivors, as well as those who fighting against cancer. There are always hope

  • Annamarie Wilke says:

    My son and I had our hair sprayed in honour of our husband and father. He passed away on 28 Dec 2018

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      Annamarie thank you for sharing your story. I am so sad for you and your son’s loss of husband and father. It was a beautiful way to honour him, through spraying your hair. Please let me know if you need counselling or support from CANSA. You are also welcome to join our FBK Support Group for Caregivers – those who have lost loved ones often remain members and help others on the group who have lost loved ones through this difficult time. Join here:

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