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The Shavathon eShop is now closed. However, if you are still interested in hosting an event for CANSA please email Maria Scholtz

Shavathon Hosts’ events will be taking place from Monday, 1st March 2021 onwards. We wish our Shavathon Hosts all the best with events – thank you for your support!

Please CLICK HERE to read the complete instructions in order to register your Shavathon Event. Read them carefully before placing your order below.

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  • eShop closes on Wednesday, 31st March 2021. No late orders will be accepted.

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When you register & order products you create an account. You may access it by visiting the eShop and clicking on the ‘Sign In’ button,  in order to track your order’s progress.


Please contact Maria Scholtz – email: or cell: 083 280 0725

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) number – Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA): 130001397

Non Profit Organisation Registration number – Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA): 000-524 NPO

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