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20 Years of CANSA Shavathon Show your support for a cancer survivor

Volunteer At Shavathon

Volunteer Today!

Volunteer at your local participating shopping centre this Shavathon – you can assist with spraying, shaving, running errands and public registrations.

Make use of the email contact form further down this web page to indicate to your local CANSA Care Centre that you wish to become a Shavathon volunteer. A CANSA staff member will be in touch with you.

    * indicates required field

    If you do not received a response, please contact your nearest CANSA Care Centre, and request to speak to the Shavathon Staff Partner.

    Other Opportunities to Volunteer at Shavathon

    Organise a Shavathon Event

    Read all about how to “Organise Your Own Shavathon Event”

    Raise Funds Online

    Take part in our on-line campaign and challenge your friends and family to help you raise funds with your own spraying or shaving online fundraising project to show support to those affected by cancer.

    Raise Awareness via Social Media

    Create a buzz around Shavathon on your social media platforms.

    About Shavathon

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