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2014 Online Activist Gallery & How Activists were Affected by Cancer

Many of our online fundraising activists also shaved their heads or made a hair donation:

See Erica’s Transformation:

More pics here & info re winners…

How Activists were Affected by Cancer

Several activists have been personally affected by cancer or have loved ones who have been affected by cancer. Read their stories below..

Marc Houze shares:

Says Marc, “My motivation for raising funds online and shaving my head was driven by losing a close family member to cancer and in order to show support to another family member currently undergoing chemotherapy.”

Danielle Baldwin shares:

Says Danielle re her fundraising projects: “This is in honour of my sister, Zia Russell, who we lost to Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2013.”

Curtis Huysamen shares:

Curtis describes himself as a two time cancer survivor within the space of 15 years; a teacher, boarder master & sports coach at Maritzburg College and a Lover of LIFE! Says Curtis, “In 1996 at the age of 7 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and then in 2010, at age of 23, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I have since undergone months of chemo and radiation, as well as a bone marrow transplant and have been in remission for just over 3 years. I’m a teacher in PMB and am hoping to show the kids I teach that there is something we can all do in ensuring the fight against cancer is won. Live Life and Love it!”

Jacques Munnik shares:

Says Jacques, “I have had a run with cancer in the past and feel compelled to support this great cause.  I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma 8 years ago. They managed to completely remove the cancerous mole root and  just in the nick of time. Should I have waited 5 weeks longer, according to my specialist the root would have reached the lymphatic system and resulted in terminal cancer. I was very blessed and thank the Lord today for sparing my life.”

Faheem Meer shares:

Faheem raised money online and shaved his head because: “We’ve all lost someone (or many someones) to cancer…”

Rosalind Dos Santos shares:

Says Rosalind, “Liana, a long term family friend and hugely important person in my life, has been in remission a few years. I am so glad she is well again and will donate my hair at this year’s Shavathon.”

Ilze Moolman shares:

Says Ilze, “I have two friends fighting cancer at the moment; lost a dear little girl last year and feeling grateful that my bestie, Ronel, has survived cancer. A mutual friend of ours is also fighting cancer.”

Charles Burley shares:

Says Charles, “I’ve been affected personally by cancer through my father and friends. I always support Shavathon.”

Anna Herbst shares:

Says Anna, “Our long time friend and mentor, Erica Steenberg, passed away in 2013 and with this project I want to honour her for everything she did for me and the Voortrekkers.”

Lunga Majola shares:

Says Lunga, “I started this project because of a close friend of mine who has been a cancer survivor for more than 2 years. When she told me about her condition (which involved excessive hair loss), I was more enlightened and soon realized that there is more to cancer than what meets the eye. I bumped into her again not so long ago and she looked healthier than ever. That is when I decided to get involved in CANSA and make a difference for those living with cancer and show them that there is always hope! This is why I named the project Soul CANSA, because I believe that even though cancer induces changes in one’s body, the soul and will to live on can never die.”

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