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20 Years of CANSA Shavathon Show your support for a cancer survivor

Create Your Shavathon Online Fundraising Campaign

Become a Fundraising Champ for Shavathon 2024:

  • All you need to create an online fundraising project page for CANSA, using GivenGain’s digital platform, is an email address or a Facebook account!

Setting Up Your Online Fundraising Page:

How it Works:

It’s as easy as one, two, three, four, five and you’re all set to make a significant contribution towards supporting cancer patients and loved ones…


See what our previous Online Fundraisers got up to in order to raise funds for care & support for cancer Survivors (patients) and loved ones…

See a very successful group effort by individuals (Hair’s Angels) and by Christy Strever – more inspiration from 2013, 2014, 2015,  2016,  2017,; 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 online fundraising champs here…

Remember to direct your supporters to your fundraising page on a regular basis – ongoing promotion is key to your success as an online fundraiser!

Disclaimer: The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) enables research aimed at lowering personal cancer risk and care / support of patients. Funds raised at CANSA Shavathon are used to fund care / support services to those affected by cancer and the organisation is not able to fund individual treatment.

CANSA uses third party service providers to enable some fundraising activities. These third parties will collect personal information on CANSA’s behalf. CANSA complies to POPIA and we will not provide your personal information to anyone else unless you provide consent or one of the following exceptions applies:

  • You would reasonably expect us to use the information for that purpose;
  • The information is used only for historical, statistical or research purposes and is not published in an identifiable form.

Read more about our Privacy Policy and our Manual of Promotion to Access of Information Act (PAIA)

About GivenGain’s Digital Online Fundraising Platform:

Using GivenGain’s digital platform you can:

  • Create your own Online Fundraising Activist Page for one of our Online Shavathon Projects – individual or corporate.
  • The project page you create will reflect your motivation and goals for your fundraising campaign.
  • The donation slider on your project page will show online donations you receive in real time.
  • Donors supporting your project page can also leave comments and engage with you on your project page.
  • You can post updates on your campaign by commenting, adding photo’s or video clips and your posts can automatically be shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) number – Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA): 130001397

Non Profit Organisation Registration number – Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA): 000-524 NPO

We Need YOUR Support to Help Those Affected by Cancer:

Create your own online fundraising project right now and mobilise your family, friends, colleagues and community to support you! In doing so you are helping CANSA to fight cancer and to support those affected by cancer! Read more about how funds YOU raise are helping CANSA achieve these goals…

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