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Online Fundraising Activists Shine

Thank you to all those who signed up as Corporate Activists or Individual Activists and created an online fundraising project page for Shavathon’s 10th Anniversary. 25 fundraising activists have managed to raise a total of R81 502 online! 

The public donated a further R20 285 online via the Individual Donor & Bail Out Fee projects. A huge thank you to all who supported our Shavathon fundraising activists or made online donations to Shavathon.

The grand total of donations received online amounts to R101 787!

Meet our Individual Activists:

  • Ameeta – said she’d shave her head if she could raise R6 000 – her hair was over 22cm long – she has exceeded her goal and raised R9 040 & is sporting a new hairdo!
  • Chris – wanted to shave his head in support of CANSA – he has raised R270 thus far.
  • Dominique – said she’d shave her head and challenged all her friends to join her & find out what shape head they had – she has exceeded her goal and raised R1 720!
  • Heila – has survived breast cancer, a mastectomy and cancer in the Iliac Bone. Her cancer counts are on the rise again & she is keen to support research. Heila recently found out that she needs to go for radiation therapy, as the cancer has returned.  She has raised R3 100 thus far…
  • Inge – is a Matie whose family has been affected by cancer. She aims to raise R10 000 in 6 months – she’s raised R4 450 thus far…
  • Juliet – is honouring the memory of her mother, Lesley, who fought cancer and passed away in 2011, through her fundraising project. She has shaved her head too and has raised R3 700 thus far…
  • Kate – challenged bowling players in the Western Cape to help raise funds for cancer research – she exceeded her goal and raised R4 100!
  • Lisle –  has a heart for cancer research and would like to raise funds to support this – she has raised R400 thus far & shaved her head too.
  • Mario  – is keen to help others & is challenging everyone to open their hearts and their wallets to support those affected by cancer. He has raised R50 thus far…
  • Michelle – lost her mother to cancer at the age of 15 and she created a fundraising project & shaved her head in honour of her mother. Her friend, Renette Marais, shaved her head too. Michelle raised R1 800!
  • Nelia – is a career mom wanting to make a difference – if she is able to raise 20K, she will shave her head! She has raised R7 800 thus far…
  • Prianca – created her fundraising project in loving memory of her Grandpa Chris. She has raised R1 100 thus far…
  • Richard – was willing to risk sporting an outrageous hairstyle for a worthy cause – he allowed his sponsors to vote for the hairstyle of their choice & exceeded his goal, raising R2 230!
  • Sabrina – is raising funds in honour of her mother, Lola, who is fighting colon cancer and to support cancer research. She has raised R302 thus far…
  • Stones Kids – these children were amazing – Sophie & Alexander both grew their hair and donated their ponytails, while Finni shaved his head. They raised R840 – well done kids!
  • Team IPG – Gustav Fichardt, Rahsad Ismail and Luke Choate raised the bar on team work, shaved their heads & brought in R10 000!

Meet our Corporate Activists:

Online Fundraising Activist Competition

Activists have until the 31st of March 2013 to raise funds for Shavathon and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes. Although certain fundraising projects may generate more funds beyond this date, this will not influence the outcome of the competition.

The winners of our Corporate Online Fundraising Competition are:

1st place: Holiday Inn Express Hotel Pretoria-Sunnypark –  a total of R13 685 was raised by this branch of Holiday Inn Express. Members of staff were truly motivated to reach a target amount of R16 999 on their project page before 31st March, as their General Manager Christine had agreed to shave her head! Thanks for putting yourself out there for a good cause Christine – you got away this year, but next year you may not be so lucky!

All Holiday Inn Express Hotel  branches & also the Johannesburg-Rosebank Holiday Inn, created online fundraising project pages and hosted shavathons for the 1st time this year – watch video clip – in total they managed to raise almost R20 000 via their combined online project pages. Sandra Boome, National Marketing Mangager for ISO Leisure Hotels, was the driving force behind their participation and also contributed to the amount raised, by creating her own fundraising page.

2nd place: Clickatell PTY Ltd raised R5 500 – this project was created in honour of one of the four original founders of Clickatell, Danie – he was the custodian of their brand and product offering until 2005. Sadly, after a long battle with leukemia, he passed away on August 16th, 2005.

3rd place: Alta Cloete (writer) raised R5 100 and shaved her head as a gesture of solidarity with ladies who’ve lost their hair due to cancer – in her words: “In die aanloop van die Shavathon voel ek alreeds iets van die emosie wat ‘n mens waarskynlik ervaar as jy jou hare a.g.v. chemo verloor (‘n baie klein ietsie – ek beweer nie ek weet regtig hoe dit voel nie!). Blootgestel, nie jouself nie, weerloos … ‘n mens besef nie vooraf wat ‘n groot sosiale taboe ‘n kaalkop eintlik vir ‘n vrou is nie.”

THANK YOU! We hope to see many other corporates following your example in 2014!

The winners of our Public Online Fundraising Competition are:

  • 1st place: Team IPG – Gustav Fichardt, Rahsad Ismail and Luke Choate raised R10 000 & shaved their heads!
  • 2nd place: Ameeta von Delft – shaved her hair (over 22cm long) and raised R9 040!
  • 3rd place: Nelia van Loggerenberg Hulin– will shave her head if she raises 20K – she’s raised R7 800.

Sponsors – Prizes Online Fundraisers:

  • Academy Brushware provided Academy Brushware sets for prizes.
  • Daniel Baron – provided signed cd’s.
  • Montague Dried Fruit and Nuts will give away a special Montague Backpack filled with dried fruit & nuts. They also offered 100 gram packets of raw nuts to each person that shaved or sprayed at a venue where a Montague store was based.
  • Nisim sponsored F.A.S.T. shampoo & conditioner Hampers (only available at salons) for prizes.
  • Sheer Bliss sponsored mobile massage vouchers as prizes. They were also involved with some of the workplace Shavathons where they offered head and neck massages.
  • Wahl is one of Shavathon’s long-time suppliers and partners and provided Wahl Hampers (hairdryer, curling iron, clipper, groomsman clipper, cap and pen) and Groomsman Wahl Clipper Sets for prizes – they also supplied special 10th anniversary capes for all Shavathon events.

CANSA will also provide “Life is Beautiful” books re a healthy balanced lifestyle and reducing one’s cancer risk, as well as CANSA wraps.

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