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Colour me neon or all off? Fun at UCT

They may teach you to be frugal with your cash, but there was no holding back staff from the Faculty of Commerce as R50 notes furiously swopped hands at a shavathon hosted by the faculty with UCT Organisational Health on 2 March.

So much so that it took organisers less than one hour to reach their target of R1,500.

The Organisational Health section and commerce hosted the day as part of this year’s ninth CANSA Shavathon – an annual event staged by the Cancer Association of South Africa to raise money for cancer research and education.

Getting a fashionable colour or cut was not the only thing drawing in the crowds, either – not that there was a want for funky do’s. Most took part because they’ve been affected by cancer in some way or other. “I’m doing it in memory of my mother-in-law, who recently passed away from cancer,” said Yolanda van der Rheede of the College of Accounting.

And it wasn’t just staff who got into the spirit and under the shears – the entire information systems honours class joined in, too. “We’re here to show that we’re not just a group of geeks sitting behind computers,” said student Bane Nogemane. “As IS students, we know how on-time information can change lives.”

Same goes for cancer awareness and research.

UCT Shieyaam Jacobs, Janine Osmon and Carmen Pearce

UCT Shaun Parsons of the College of Accounting is shaved by Jisreel Aries of CANSA

UCT recruitment & selection advisor, HR, Zulile Ncayiyana, has her hair treated by Liwalethu Ndinga

UCT Prof John Simpson of the School of Management Studies has his hair coloured by Emilia Delfin

UCT organisational health manager, Blanche Claasen-Hoskins

UCT Nonnie Falala of the School of Management Studies has her hair treated by Liwalethu Ndinga

UCT Gizelle Willows gets a lesson from Jisreel Aries of CANSA before she tackles the hair of Mark Graham

UCT Eleanor of the College of Accounting gets the treatment from Abel Macuacua

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