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20 Years of CANSA Shavathon Show your support for a cancer survivor

Register & Organise Your Own Shavathon Event

If your workplace, school, organisation, family or group of friends would like to organise a CANSA Shavathon Event, these events may take place throughout the year, and we are hosting a Online Fundraising Corporate Challenge until the 31st of May 2024. Please find guidelines and information below:

Please Note:

  • Follow steps 1 through 6 in order to register your event via the CANSA Online Store (see steps 3 to 5 below).
  • You register after filling up your shopping bag and then selecting the Checkout button.
  • Once you have completed your customer | delivery | billing information via the CANSA eShop, your event is registered.

STEP 1: Download the ‘Guide for Shavathon Hosts’ and ‘Indemnity Form’

  • Before you register a CANSA Shavathon shave & spray at your workplace, organisation, school or even between a group of friends, download the 2024 Implementation Guide for Shavathon Hosts, so that you know exactly what will be required from you.
  • Registration of your event is automatic from step 5, while purchasing CANSA Shavathon products via our CANSA eShop.

STEP 2: Plan Your Order (CANSA Shavathon Products)

  • Download a 2024 Shavathon Host Order Form (includes product packages & prices) to plan your purchase thoroughly, and to get prior approval from your financial office if necessary. These prices include VAT.
  • It takes about 8 days in total before you will receive your Shavathon products – 3 business days to process a payment, another day to dispatch the goods ordered and another 4 business days to deliver the goods. Please bear this in mind when placing your order and order EARLY to avoid frustration.

About our Spray Products:

Manufactured in South Africa using vegetable dye | Quality products that wash out easily | Available in 150 ml aerosol cans – red, pink, purple, blue, green, silver, yellow, orange, black and white | Average sprays or applications per can: 5–7 heads.

STEP 3: Place Your Order Here


  • Go to – select CANSA Shavathon Merchandise
  • Using the information on your Workplace / Shavathon Host Order Form (Step 2), select the products and quantities you need (from dropdown) and add them to the basket.
  • Then click on “View Basket” top right of the screen and confirm that your order tallies with your Workplace / Shavathon Host Order Form, then click on the “Checkout” button.  (Delivery costs are calculated during checkout and a flat fee of R150 applies).
  • Complete the Billings details page.  NOTE: It is very important that you type your company´s VAT number in the field provided.
  • Ensure that the Post code field is completed correctly.
  • DO NOT enter a postal address as a delivery address, since orders will only be couriered to a physical address.
  • Goods may NOT be collected at the depot, goods will ONLY be delivered to you by courier.
  • Once the Billing and Delivery details have been completed, click on “Place Order”.

STEP 4: Billing, Registration and Payment

  • Select your preferred payment option and pay for your order.
  • Your Shavathon Event is now registered.
  • Note: Goods will only be couriered once payment has been received and verified. Send proof of payment to This can take up to three business days.

STEP 5: Invoices and Delivery

  • Request invoices from
  • You will receive email notification from confirming that your order is ready to be dispatched.
  • It may take up to 8 business days from date of payment until your order is delivered to you. (Please note: delivery will only start in February 2024).

STEP 6: Spread the Magic

Thank You for Your Contribution to CANSA Shavathon 2024

As indicated in the Shavathon Host Implementation Guide (Step 1), proceeds of events & donations to CANSA through CANSA Shavathon are made to the following account – see how funds raised are used to fight cancer:

  • ABSA Account Name: CANSA
  • Branch Code: 632005
  • Account Number: 405 1831 559
  • Reference: Company / Venue Name + Order Number

Download: 2024 Cash Handling Guide Shavathon 

Product Refunds & Returns Process

Read 2024 Refunds & Returns Policy for the return process of Shavathon products and unused Wahl clippers, bibs and capes to CANSA.

  • Only unopened boxes of products can be returned, therefore we don’t accept sprays back as this cannot be verified.
  • New Clippers in original packaging can be returned with copy of invoice included in package.

Any enquiries regarding products and returns can be sent to – please indicate your invoice number in all correspondence.



Please contact Anita Snyders – email:

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) number – Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA): 130001397

Non Profit Organisation Registration number – Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA): 000-524 NPO

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