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2020 – Make Your Shavathon Participation Count by Raising Funds Online

You’ve taken the decision to take part in your local Shavathon event, be it at participating shopping centres or at your work’s event.

But how can you make your participation count?

Step ONE: Decide on the action you will take

  • Will you shave your head?
  • Will you colour / stencil your hair?
  • Will you donate your hair?
  • Will you do this as an individual or a group of friends / colleagues making a statement

Step TWO: Now create some hype

Open your Shavathon online fundraising page and share why you want to do this. Is it in honour of a loved one or friend? Is it to create awareness about cancer or to help CANSA raise funds to support cancer patients and loved ones?

Step THREE: Make it interesting

Perhaps you haven’t cut your hair in an awfully long time and your peeps are just begging you to do so. Tell them you’ll do it on condition they make a donation to your project and that a certain target amount is raised. Add a heart-felt description and an image of YOU for added impact.

Step FOUR: Keep promoting

Promote your fundraiser to all your contacts via all channels available to you, throughout February, building up to the actual event at shopping centres on 29 February and 1 March 2020 and don’t forget to share before and after pics on social media using the #CANSAShavathon and on your fundraising project. Post updates of the event and what you did after Shavathon on your project.

Step FIVE: Stand a chance to win great prizes

You will automatically be entered into a competition where the online fundraisers who have raised the most funds through their projects, by midnight 31st March 2020, stand the chance to win amazing prizes. Winners will be announced at the beginning of June 2020.

It’s really easy to do – just click on the button below to find steps and instructions


Shavathon is Fun for a Serious Cause

Participating provides an opportunity for everyone, young or old, to be involved in Colouring Hope, by spraying or stencilling their hair, or shaving their head, or donating a ponytail that will go towards making a wig for a cancer Survivor.

Selfie boards are also available to share the fun and action with others while creating awareness of cancer and the need to support cancer Survivors (patients), caregivers and loved ones.

It is a time to laugh, have fun, reflect, shed a tear, to be thankful, and to pay respect to those fighting cancer, alongside others who are similarly affected.

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