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Marc Lottering & Mark Pilgrim Promote Shavathon 2014 on Expresso

World Cancer Day, 4 February 2014: Expresso hosts, Graeme Richards and Elana Afrika, interview Marc Lottering, Shavathon Ambassador. The interview also features a clip with Globeflight (Shavathon couriers) and Mark Pilgrim, our other Shavathon champion.

Both Marc and Mark have been touched by cancer. Marc lost his dad to cancer in 2005 and Mark is a testicular cancer survivor.

Marc (Lottering) feels that ‘cancer’ should be part of our conversation and that we should aim to be enlightened re cancer. When he grew up people whispered the word “cancer” and he feels that this should change. Being involved in Shavathon has helped Marc relate to others affected by cancer. He suggests that we chat to our kids about cancer and that participating in Shavathon is a fun way to rope them in and introduce the subject. As he points out, there is a lot that we can do to help reduce our cancer risk, so we should make our kids aware…

Mark (Pilgrim) says that for him the dreaded ‘C’ was not so much cancer itself, but chemotherapy. Mark believes that when those affected by cancer see people participate in Shavathon, that it gives them the strength to keep on fighting, because they no longer feel alone, but supported. It is a fun way of showing solidarity with those fighting the disease. See Mark and the Globeflight Team celebrate Shavathon 2014…

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