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Rapunzel cuts off her locks for CANSA


December 2011:  Germiston’s own Rapunzel, Monique Brummelkamp (11) has cut off her long locks.

The young girl, recently decided that the time had come to cut her hair.  Her hair became very heavy and she started getting headaches.

“Needless to say it broke our hearts, but it was her decision and we respected that, especially when she said she would like to donate her hair to CANSA (the Cancer Association of South Africa),” said her mom Marinda.

“Her grandfather passed away due to lung cancer 11 months before she was born.  “I think her decision to donate her hair to CANSA was a very mature one and she is hoping this will inspire others to donate their hair, as well.”

Elaine Smith (the hairdresser) plaited the 50cm piece of hair Monique wanted cut off, as there are specific requirements from Cansa for donating hair.

“It was a very emotional moment for us all, but as Elaine continued with the final touches and once she was done, the smile on Monique’s little face became bigger and bigger.  “Needless to say she loved the new look,” said Marinda.  After the cut Monique carefully looked after her long plaited piece of hair before handing it over to Lucinda Carter from CANSA.


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