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Remembering Mark Pilgrim

CANSA is deeply saddened by the loss of a long-time friend, and supporter, Mark Pilgrim.

One of South Africa’s most treasured radio personalities, Mark was also a beloved CANSA Ambassador supporting CANSA Shavathon as well as being a Daredevil champion and numerous fundraising events in the capacity of MC for many years. He was also an avid activist for raising awareness around cancers affecting men, especially testicular cancer and promoting men’s health awareness.

Mark was always an inspiration to cancer warriors, patients and survivors by openly talking about his journey over the years. Even after his second diagnosis, in 2022, Mark continued to share his story and encourage others. His messages of hope and bravery resonated with everyone, not only cancer patients, and taught us all to #DontStopBelieving. He inspired other survivors constantly.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mark’s fiancée, Adrienne, and daughters, Tayla-Jean and Alyssa, and his ex wife Nicole during this tough time.

We are forever grateful for all that you did for CANSA and cancer awareness and will surely miss you. We will always remember and speak about your legacy and involvement.

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