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2015 Shavathon Online Fundraisers Go All Out to Support Cancer Survivors

We salute our online fundraising activists who worked hard to raise funds for Shavathon 2015. Many have also shaved their heads in solidarity with cancer Survivors, as well. Read why they were motivated to raise funds below.

Winners Online Fundraising Competition

The Hair’s Angels for CANSA – 1st Place:

Raised a total of R65 860 * (R52 760 from 16 online donations & a further R2000 donation off-line, as well as a donation of R11 100 off-line from Nedbank) – 14 women shaved their heads bald in support of cancer Survivors and CANSA Shavathon. The group are made up of passionate ladies between the ages of 17 and 63 years old, of which there are mothers and daughters, and cancer Survivors among them! Special thanks to Tina Traill, organiser, and Sagree Moodley, who asked Nedbank to make a contribution to match her fundraising efforts on behalf of the Hair’s Angels. See their stories here or view their online fundraising page…

Hairs Angels After post

Top row (left to right): Johannie, Wendy, Genevieve, Hazel, Beryl. Middle row (left to right): Petro, Sonja, Nikki (Alice), Carmen, Lyn. Bottom row (left to right): Tina, Sagree, Nthabiseng, Liz. Photo Credit: Boudoir Fusion Photography

Shave 4 All – 2nd Place:

Regina Giudici raised R12 000 * from 24 donors – she shaved her hair on the 28 February, as well. Says Regina, “Cancer truly is a disease that destroys and I just wanted to do this for everyone that has suffered and survived, but also those people, like myself, whose loved ones have not survived. I also wanted to raise money through my friends and family for a cause that really and truly deserves it.”  View here…

Gallery: See pics of Regina and Mark Pilgrim – one of Regina’s prizes was to co-host Mark’s show on HOT 91.9 FM.

Shave It Off – 3rd Place:

Curtis Huysamen raised R11 300 * with the help of 25 donors – he has survived cancer twice within the last 19 years. In 1996 at the age of 7 he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and then in 2010, at age of 23, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. His motto: “Live Life and Love it!”  In 2014 Curtis raised R10 000 online, via 42 donors, for Shavaton. View here…

Processed with Moldiv

Carey-Ann’s CANSA Hair Donation – 4th Place:

Carey-Ann Williamson-Louw raised R9 740 * with the help of 21 donors & donated her hair. In 2014 she lost 2 people to cancer and at the start of 2015 a loved one was diagnosed and started the battle to beat cancer. Carey-Ann opened her fundraising page in honour of those lost and those that continue to fight… View here…

Other Individual Online Fundraising Activists

Danni & Steve – Shavathon

Raised R2 000 * with the help of 5 donors – and were going to shave their heads to show support and solidarity with all their brave friends and family who are either battling cancer, have beaten cancer or have lost the fight. View here…

Pits for CANSA

Raised R1 500 * from 2 donors – Pieter says, “For the next Shavathon and every one after that I will spraying my armpit hairs various colours to raise funds for CANSA. This project is my attempt at showing that doing charity can be both entertaining and helpful!” View here…

2 Photographers 4 CANSA

Raised R1 450 * from 3 donors – Tina Schwarz says, “Associating myself and my studio with this cause carries great personal meaning. I lost my mom to cancer in January 2002. Currently my dad is battling cancer, though he is very strong and determined.” Tina also shaved her head. View here…

Corporate Online Fundraising Activists

Red Panda Software – Winner Corporate Category

Red Panda Software raised R14 000….

No cancer @ ommiHoek

This nursery school sprayathon raised R3 125 * for Shavathon. View here…

Avenge Steel

Raised R50 for Shavathon.

* Amounts raised & reflected in this post, as seen on 31st March 2015, midnight, with the exception of Hair’s Angels project where further income has been reflected above. However, prior to receiving additional income, the Hair’s Angels had raised R50 760 & had therefore secured their position as 1st place winners of the Individual Online Fundraising Competition.

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