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20 Years of CANSA Shavathon Show your support for a cancer survivor

Spray & Stencil Your Hair at Shavathon

Not everyone is keen to shave their head and that is absolutely fine! You can still participate…

Show solidarity with a cancer Survivor by getting your head sprayed in rainbow colours: red, pink, purple, blue, green, silver, yellow, orange, black and white to add some flair to your hair.


Shavathon stencils 2010To add to the excitement of spraying your hair, stencils are also available:

*stencils subject to availability per venue

  • a lightning bolt
  • flower
  • butterfly
  • star
  • word ‘Warrior’
  • soccer ball
  • bear
  • hand prints
  • foot prints
  • paw prints
  • tiger stripes
  • awareness ribbon


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