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The Hair’s Angels for CANSA – Raising Awareness & Funds Online for Shavathon

Among our fantastic online fundraisers for Shavathon 2015 are The Hair’s Angels for CANSA, who are a team of 14 women who have shaved their heads bald in support of cancer Survivors and the CANSA Shavathon.

They have raised a total of R65 860 * (R52 760 from 16 online donations & a further R2000 donation off-line, as well as a donation of R11 100 off-line from Nedbank)

Their team is led by Tina Traill, owner of J T Hair, who is a woman on a mission. The group are made up of passionate ladies between the ages of 17 and 63 years old, of which there are mothers and daughters, and cancer Survivors among them!

The Hair’s Angels also hosted a fabulous fundraising dinner at Kong restaurant (in Fourways) on Friday, 27th February – R250 pp, with R100 of each dinner ticket being donated to CANSA.

Make an online donation towards their online fundraising page for CANSA & see their motivation for donating their hair and raising funds below…

Hair’s Angels Before:

Hairs Angels Before post

Top row (left to right): Hazel, Sagree, Nthabiseng, Lyn. Middle row (left to right): Tina, Wendy, Genevieve, Petro. Bottom row (left to right): Carmen, Beryl, Johannie, Nikki (Alice). Absent: Liz & Sonja

Photo Credit: Boudoir Fusion Photography

Hair’s Angels After:

Hairs Angels After post

Top row (left to right): Johannie, Wendy, Genevieve, Hazel, Beryl. Middle row (left to right): Petro, Sonja, Nikki (Alice), Carmen, Lyn. Bottom row (left to right): Tina, Sagree, Nthabiseng, Liz

Photo Credit: Boudoir Fusion Photography

More Pics of the Brave Hair’s Angels Shave!


Photo credit to Boudoir Fusion Photography

Tina Traill (Photo credit: Boudoir Fusion Photography)

Meet The Hair’s Angels


50 year old Tina Traill, has four friends who have had breast cancer in the last 18 months, and her mum had throat cancer. Her main aim for being involved is to show how beautiful a woman can be – with or without hair (that may fall out due to chemotherapy.)

Nikki (Alice) Lester, 23, often has the pleasure of transporting a cancer patient by ambulance.   Alice says, “they have always carried their burdens with such gracious nature.  They often suffer in silence and don’t express the true extent of their pain. And by partaking in such a great cause, I would just like to show my support to all the beautiful men and woman who not only are fighting their diagnosis, but to those in remission, to the friends, and mostly to the families.”

Beryl Acar, 55, is shaving her hair in commemoration of her brother who died of cancer at the age of 32 (30 years ago on the 17 January.)

Carmen Barrington is a 24 year old, next month 25. “My hair is past my bra strap, and my boyfriend Joe, will be cutting off a pony-tail that is ±35cm long. I own a beauty salon in Linden, Salon Esprit, and this will be my way of showing my friends, family and clients that ‘you are beautiful, no matter what’.”

Genevieve Williams, 31, was a Mrs South Africa finalist. From here she got involved in various CANSA initiatives and grew really close with the charity. She has lost a few friends and family through cancer, and when she was only 22 years old, she herself was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She is now 31, and fighting strong! “This is a way to show our country how we can support our nation, not just by donating money all the time, but by shaving your hair off and understanding what cancer patients have to go through. I know what it’s like when people stare and when people stare it makes you feel uncomfortable.”

Hazel Njiti, 26, who already has a brush cut (after having recently undergone her last session of chemotherapy) is participating to promote cancer awareness, especially among young women. “Because I’ve been through the cancer battle myself, I’m fully aware of what a major life changing experience it is. It’s time to spread the message.”

Johannie, 41, is shaving her head because she likes doing different / crazy things, and is keen to drive awareness for the cancer fight. “I am sure each of us have a story or ten to share about cancer, and about loved ones suffering from it. If by shaving my head, I can make even a small contribution towards someone suffering or research money, then my goal is reached.”

Liz Levendig-Botha, 58, was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2013. Her reason for wanting to be “bald” again is to celebrate her recovery, and to raise VISUAL awareness for cancer in general – specifically for breast cancer.

Nthabiseng has lost a few close family members to cancer, and she will be shaving her hair in commemoration of those who fought the disease. “I am going to continue fighting this battle for them, for people that are living with cancer, and for the ones that are affected by it – young and old.”

63 year old Petro le Roux has had many a family member who has been affected by cancer, and her involvement with the The Hair’s Angels is in support of those fighting the good fight.

Sagree Moodley, 45, has also seen cancer affect many a family member and friends, and her involvement is in support of those people who have travelled the cancer journey with loved ones. “This is my contribution to helping people that are so severely impacted. The only thing that we can do is provide support to the impacted families and remember those that have suffered from Cancer.”

Wendy Lester, is 49 years old and says “Why shave my head is what everyone asks?  My questions to them are:

  • Do you know one person who wishes to hear the words “you have cancer”?
  • Do you know one person who wishes to have Chemo?
  • Do you know one person who wishes to lose their hair?

Our hair is a mask, our dignity, our persona, to lose your hair is one of the worst things that can happen. but losing your hair does not make you unattractive, you will always be beautiful.  Everyone has lost or knows a friend who is a survivor.  If I can make one person aware of the benefits of having a check up then shaving my head made a difference.”

Lynn Morgan , 62 years old, says, “My partner passed away after fighting cancer for 5 years at the end of 2007.  Tina and Ian were friends of ours so when Tina asked me if I would like to join the group of brave ladies I had to think about it for a couple of days.  I then emailed Cemair and told them what Tina was planning and they agreed to sponsor my flight & return ticket from Margate to OR Tambo / back, which made up my mind for me.  Am so glad I did it as spending a day with those amazing ladies was a real treat, all being so brave with a story to tell as well.

17 year old, Sonja Marx, also participated. Says Sonja, “My main reason for participating is to show women that they are beautiful no matter what and if they find the strength inside them, their light will shine so bright it will be blinding. I also wanted people who fight against cancer so bravely to know that there are people who care for them and that they should keep fighting. I donated my hair because I wanted to help someone who needed the wig more than I need my hair. I also did it in memory of two very special friends, a great grandad and an uncle, who all passed because of cancer.”


  • Tina says:

    I am so impressed with all the donations and all the good wishes, it has been an amazing journey for myself.
    The impact on myself and the other shaved ladies, has been a positive outlook on being beautiful without hair, that I and the others can hold our heads up high, and walk bald and free among our friends and family.

    Although a show stopper,I have loved being bald, a bit chilly in the mornings!

    I could not have done this without the support and love of my husband and family, and the brave, courageous, forgiving Angels who stood with me. Thank you All!

  • alison says:

    I salute the women for showing that beauty is not defined by a head of hair.

  • carol harris says:

    So today I went all pink…

  • carol harris says:

    To make a sacrifice like shaving my head or spraying it, etc is nothing compared to what cancer patients go through physically and emotionally on a daily basis. I don’t care how I look! It is about bringing awareness and morally supporting those who have no choice when they lose their hair due to the treatments for the disease. It’s about support and education. I gave been shaving my head every month since 2009 and I am consciously aware of those fighting this disease every time I touch my bald head.

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you to each and everyone of you for being a light in the world and the strength, comfort and support so many need to move forward. By reading some of the reasons why people shave their heads has made me realize something about myself that I was struggling to accept which is not even cancer related. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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