This Weekend Shavathon Colours HOPE @ Shopping Centres

We hope you will join us this weekend (2nd March*):

‘Colouring HOPE’ is all about giving those diagnosed or affected by cancer HOPE and support. #CANSAShavathon

While the words ‘colouring’ and ‘hope’ might not be top of mind when thinking of cancer, CANSA would like to emphasize that a diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

More people are living beyond cancer, and they need a public show of support to encourage them to keep fighting the disease and to adapt to living with the side effects of treatment. #CANSACares

We hope you’ll join us in showing those affected by cancer that they are not alone! Funds raised will go towards CANSA’s care and support programmes for cancer Survivors (patients) and loved ones.

Daryl Burt, cancer Survivor, explains why she is doing Shavathon this year:

“Last year I did Shavathon on a whim. I was going through a very stressful period and walking through Randridge Mall. I came across the Shavathon and had my medium length bob shaved down to a “Number 5” and spray painted in all the colours of the rainbow. It was so liberating. It was also kind of prophetic, as little did I know that four months later I would be diagnosed with breast cancer and undergo a double mastectomy. This year I will be doing Shavathon to mark the road I have travelled in the last year.”

It is a time to laugh, have fun, reflect, shed a tear, to be thankful, and to pay respect to those fighting cancer, alongside others who are similarly affected. To remember and honour those who lost the fight…

* Selected venues to have events on 3rd March

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