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Vicky and APPS raise over R58000 online for CANSA Shavathon

Five Auckland Park Prep School teachers took on The Challenge early in 2012.  They decided that shaving their heads, to raise money for CANSA, is an option – because for many it’s a side effect of the meds that they have to take to make them better!

The online campaign summed it all up:

APPS Teachers Shaving Heads for Cansa

  • Name Victoria Caroline Hyland
  • Bio I am passionate about what I can do. It is about making a difference. We can!

At our interhouse gala on 10 March we are attempting to raise R50k. If we reach our target 5 of us will shave our heads in support of a worthwhile cause.  Teachers who have committed to the cause:  Vicky Hyland, Ingrid Dane, Clare Dane, Marion Spanos, Kay Cottrell.

From left to right: Clare Dane, Mo Pearson, Vicky Hyland, Ingrid Dane, Kath Salgado, Marion Spanos and Kay Cottrell


After lots of hard work, motivation and true guts, they reached their target and the big shave happened on 10 March 2012 after the APPS Inter-house Gala!

Some quotes seen on Facebook:

  • “This best says what sort of a day we had – there has been such positive feedback and great fun was had by all! We loved being involved!”
  • “The five of us at Auckland Park Prep School – our target was R50 000 we exceeded it! We are still punting big time!”
  • “All the very best for one of our moms tomorrow. She goes in for a serious op to address the cancer in her liver. She is one brave and extraordinary lady. Our thoughts are with you all!”
  • “Our last teacher of seven shaved her head on Friday in assembly. Her Grade 1 class were a picture and will certainly not forget her braveness for a long time. I think that sort of thing stays with you forever!”
  • “WOW! Well done to these amazing teachers at Auckland Park Preparatory School! Shaving if they hit their target to raise R50,000 for Shavathon! Well done Auckland Park Preparatory School! Thank you SO much!”

And some messages received from kind donors who contributed to Vicky’s online campaign:

  • “This is for Gavin.”
  • “Congratulations and may the example you’ve set be repeated in years to come. “
  • “Lost my mom to Cancer almost 3 years ago and appreciate this worthwhile cause to fight the battle!”
  • “In loving memory of my mom who died of breast cancer. Good luck Vicky I am looking forward to seeing your new look!”
  • “In memory of my precious aunty Dor and a salute to the five soon-to-be-bald women… you are brave and beautiful!”
  • “Such an inspiration – APPS girls are soooo fortunate to have You as a role model – Thank You for stepping up :)”
  • “Hi Vicky well done!! In memory of my dad Rukshana Essop.”
  • “Well done Vicky, your wonderful, positive attitude is an inspiration. This one’s for my Dad.”
  • “The girls are SO excited at school that their teachers are shaving their heads!! You’re a great role model to them and the rest of us less brave souls!”

Vicky Hyland was also the winner of the Shavathon 2012 online campaign (powered by GivenGain) and is now the proud owner of an Ipad!

As part of the prize presentation to Vicky at her school, Auckland Park Prep – CANSA presented a puppet show to all the learners, from Grade 0 up to Grade 7 with Toktokkie (Tap-Tap) who is CANSA’s awareness icon for children and youth. Incorporating the ideals of a leading a balanced lifestyle, exercise, playing safe in the sun and no tobacco use, Toktokkie teaches kids to be smart when it comes to cancer prevention. It was a fun way to teach kids about the importance of living a balanced lifestyle while at the same time, acknowledging Vicky and her colleagues for their valuable contribution towards Shavathon 2012.

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