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What Shavathon Meant to You

What Shavathon meant to a friend:

Thabang: I went to take part today as I lost a very close friend who was very close to my heart, Rudzani Ngwana, because she died of Bone Cancer. Unfortunately it was detected at a very late stage. I therefore will consistently support the awareness of cancer…

What Shavathon meant to a daughter & a cancer survivor:

Melinda de Beer: I shaved for my mom, dad, aunt and a good friend’s friend who all passed away due to cancer. I am so glad I did. A lady who did not have a choice re losing her hair cornered me at the Spar yesterday, gave me a hug, showed me her head and said thank you…

What Shavathon meant to a childhood cancer survivor:

James Fowler: When I was 11, I was diagnosed with melanoma in the lymph nodes in my neck. I went through a surgery that removed a large part of the right side of my neck, and underwent interferon treatment for my entire grade 7 year, most days left me too sick to go to school. 5 years later, I am now in matric, and in remission. My friend and I are about to shave our heads to raise cancer awareness and show that cancer is not the end of the road, it can be beaten…

What Shavathon meant to a mother:

Helene Welgemoed: This is for my seven yr old son, Joshua, who has leukemia. He was in ICU for 68 days fighting for his life. It’s now almost 68 days out of ICU and he is fighting strong. Well done my hero, you are a true inspiration – Joshua helped shave heads at the Scottburgh Shavathon…

What Shavathon meant to a family:

The Ressell Family: Charmaine and Peter Ressell & their children felt blessed by Shavathon at Cresta Mall this year! They spent the two weeks leading up to Shavathon educating themselves and their children on cancer. The entire family – mom, dad, 4 young boys and 1 young girl – shaved their heads in solidarity with cancer survivors. The children raised money for wigs too – a total of R1067-10 was raised. This was their ‘practical’ heart response – they wanted those affected by cancer to feel loved and supported by this gesture.

What Shavathon meant to a volunteer & cancer survivor:

Suzanne Long: Took part in my first Shavathon today and loved every minute of it. Shaving, spraying, sharing my story… – was such an amazing experience. Thank you CANSA for giving me the opportunity to volunteer and work for such a worthy cause. Went purple for all my fellow fighters, survivors xxx… – loved the little girl who asked me to spray her hair white, like the girl from the movie Frozen!

What Shavathon meant to a hair donor:

Jeanette Moote: Today I donated 51cm of hair to CANSA! Thank you for the opportunity to do something so profound for fighters and survivors everywhere…

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